The cities where house prices are most likely to fall

The cities where house prices are most likely to fall

Published | Written by Tony Lazarov

Homes and equities are currently going through a downturn phase.

These days, it's unlikely that a stock you buy would generally reflect the market as a whole. The housing market is another area where regional variations are likely to be significant.

REspace Austin’s agents have been closely monitoring the study by Home.LLC for Axios, which examines market dynamics in 100 metro regions throughout the US to determine which markets are most in danger, or those most likely to experience significant price decreases over the following 12 months.

Except for some places, such as Boise, Idaho; Austin, TX; and Phoenix, Az, which have fewer restrictions on new development and will see a significant number of new units hit the market, the national housing supply shortfall is genuine.

Austin is also likely to see a significant drop-off in demand, just because homes have become so expensive there that they are no longer affordable to most locals looking to buy.

According to Home.LLC, Provo, Utah; Lakeland and Cape Coral, Florida; and Austin, TX, will be the riskiest areas over the next 12 months.

We expect rental demand and prices to continue to climb as when fewer people buy, more people rent, so reserving your home early is paramount.

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