The Most Expensive Condo for Sale in Austin Is Now This $17 Million Aerie

The Most Expensive Condo for Sale in Austin Is Now This $17 Million Aerie

Published | Written by Tony Lazarov

The most expensive apartment for sale in downtown Austin, a penthouse in one of the city’s tony towers, has hit the market for $17 million—or for $20 million, it comes complete with its curated collection of furniture and contemporary art. 

 The seller, according to property records, is a limited liability company that made the purchase in 2017.

“There are four penthouses in the 37-story hotel/condo tower, whose 16th through 37th floors are condos,” the listing agent said. “This is one of only two facing Lady Bird Lake.”

The unit, she added, is the highest-priced condo available in downtown Austin. But it wouldn’t be downtown’s most expensive condo sale, she added. “There was another that sold far north of this price in a non-disclosed sale,” she said. Texas is a non-disclosure state, meaning residential sale prices are not part of public government records. 

“The seller took it down to the studs and reconfigured the walls and opened up the layout,” . The listing agent declined to identify the seller and described him as a European entrepreneur and art collector.  

Designed by Los Angeles-based interior designer Thomas Schoos, who specializes in hospitality-industry design and whose residential celebrity clients have included Will Smith, Ellen DeGeneres, Jessica Simpson, and Courtney Cox, the penthouse is “cutting edge,” the listing agent said. “It’s the kind of design you see in major cosmopolitan cities like New York City and L.A. This really sets it apart from other properties in Austin, where you rarely see a design that pushes the limits.” 

Mr. Schoos said that he wanted the penthouse to reflect the culture of the city, which is known for “its university, its great food and music,” and to exploit the “amazing sunsets and sunrises.”

The 3,617-square-foot condo includes 20-foot ceilings in the living room and primary suite, a massive chandelier that hangs over the main living space, and a floor-to-ceiling fireplace.

The kitchen is dominated by a concrete center island that has embedded range burners. Other amenities of the room include a custom dining table with a TV in the ceiling that lowers to viewing height, a built-in espresso machine, a cigar humidor, two wine refrigerators and two refrigerators.

In the primary suite, there is a sliding door made of vintage leather belts that Mr. Schoos said was created by the lead designer of Mercedes-Benz and took eight months to complete. There also is a custom swing at the foot of the bed.

A custom Gucci sitting area, complete with a Versace chandelier, offers commanding views of the city as does a private patio. The bathroom is revealed by an enormous pair of rolling doors. Heated floors, a large steam shower, a custom fabric-wrapped tub and a TV built into the floor complete the space.

The listing agent said the seller is parting with the property “because he’s based in Europe and has not been using it.”

Mr. Schoos, who spent two and a half years working on the penthouse, said he’s sad to see it change hands.  “It’s one of my favorite places.”

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